Its the time of year again.

Everybody starts declaring: 
"New Year, New Me, 
Next year’s going to be my best year yet!"

But then 6 weeks later you’re back to the same thing.

Have you ever thought that maybe its because of how you ended your last year? Maybe it's because you’re stuck in the experiences of the past and not living in the expectation of a great future. That definitely used to be me, until I figured out this 4 step process that set my year up to truly hit the ground running. This is where The Reset comes in! 

In this program you are going to set your year up to finally fulfill your "New year, New me" desires with 4 key things to start your year right! 

Be Thankful!

The first step in The Reset is getting into the right mindset! This lesson breaks down the why and how of being thankful.

Close the Door

Now we close the door on your past. To truly move forward we have to squeeze out our lessons and then close the door behind us. This lesson breaks down how we do that.

Now Dream!!

Now here's the fun part. We get to dream!! We take this time to write down our dreams and build for the future.


Finally we're ready to implement all the goals you developed in Part 3. This lesson breaks down a few tips and tricks to implementing so that you actually execute those amazing goals!

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Hi! I'm Sonja! Your Life Alignment Coach!

I’m Sonja, your Life Alignment Coach. I’m all about living a life that acknowledges, lives, executes and wins dreams. I truly believe each one of us has big dreams within us that we allow to take the back burner because life is just too much! I want to help you build the plans, goals, and routines that will make room for you to make those dreams meet reality!